I do not relish time spent in front of a computer. Fresh air, the smooth rush of a bike over pavement, snow squeaking beneath skis, adventures with students, dancing with my daughter and smiling at my wife. These are the ways I choose to live. Yet, somehow along the way, I have chosen also to live here. The screen, the keyboard, and the great web beyond has crept into my life, much like the stray cat that, over time, has come to sleep at the foot of my bed.

So here I am, on the banks of a great ocean that is the internet about to cast a pebble, to dip a toe, to huck a cannon ball, or to launch a raft (I am not sure which). I do not think for a moment that this seemingly infinite ocean needs more of anything. But, you can only stare at it and scratch your head for so long before you jump in.

If this is a vessel, its goals are to explore, to experiment with new perspectives, to look closely, to record life’s marvels, and–above all else–to draw gratitude and wonder from the world and people around us. From where I sit, this seems like a worthy reason to begin.


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