Destination: Galapagos

The date September 18th, now known also as tomorrow, has occupied a well traveled and much anticipated spot in my awareness over these past months. Ever since a fateful day in February when I got the call from the National Geographic Society saying that I’d been selected as a Grosvenor Teacher Fellow and would be joining an expedition to the Galapagos Islands, this date, the date of my departure, has been a marker which I’ve watched rush forward from the distant horizon to its spot, now, right beneath my nose.

After a training at National Geographic headquarters in Washington DC last spring, and a run of successive raids on all the Galapagos themed books from the Multnomah County public library, my excitement and anticipation has grown. Now there is little to do but go.

IMG_5505   IMG_3398           

In just under twelve hours I will roll out of bed and into a yellow cab which will deliver me to the first of five airports en route to Baltra airport off of Santa Cruz Island in the Galapagos. Here I will join another Teacher Fellow as well as a group of National Geographic naturalists and photographers  aboard the science and ecotourism vessel, the NG Endeavor.


Over the next eight days I will be exploring the islands on foot and by boat. I will be snorkeling, attending lectures, developing lessons, carrying out research projects and learning as much as I can about the unique and curious land (and waters) that are the Galapagos. My head is spinning with ideas and even more with gratitude for this opportunity.

I will be writing about my experience while aboard the Endeavor and am hoping to share daily stories, pictures, and videos from the expedition if satellite internet allows. But, for now, with my feet planted firmly in Oregon soil for mere hours, the to-do lists pleads more loudly for my attention than the anticipatory musings on departure…and the bags must be packed. So, for now it’s time to go.


3 thoughts on “Destination: Galapagos

  1. Jesse,
    We are so excited for you! Can’t wait to read all the updates here and then hear stories after you come back. Have an amazing trip!
    The Quirkes


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